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From custom training solutions to our Race Series, NCCJ has the program for you.

Professional Development

From customized trainings to anti-racism programs, NCCJ has the program for you.

Equity Leadership Alliance

Customized training for corporations, organizations, and educational institutions doing business in today’s multicultural world that look at the systems of oppression and privilege, enhances communications skills, builds cultural competencies, and creates more inclusive work environments.

New in 2023, Equity Leadership Alliance is a six-month program, cohort-based model providing a DEI transformative learning experience for professionals leading whole systems reform in the workplace.

The Race Series

NCCJ is proud to offer one of its signature programs – now delivered online. And though the workshop may be virtual, the insights, impact and inspiration you’ll experience will be just as powerful.

As with NCCJ’s in-person workshop, our online training will look at bias, discrimination, oppression and privilege in the United States. And given the rise of racist acts during the pandemic, as well as the most recent horrific racist incidents, examining these issues takes on an even great sense of urgency. What’s more, we will be offering our Anti-Racism Workshops.

If you want to make a difference and have been inspired to take action to address the hate and racism that is playing out in our country every day – this is the program for you.

Community Perspectives

More information on our Community Perspectives Program will be available soon. Please reach out to us for any questions you may have.



Matt Wilson & Nate Nugent

On Unlearning. Breaking Bias. Building Community.



When there is an act of bias or hate, NCCJ speaks out…and we empower those we work with to find their voice for change.

Join, support, and add your name to building inclusive communities for all.

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