Staff Application

Staff Applicants 

Applicants are responsible for ensuring all pages are completed and that NCCJ receives all required documents (both digital and physically signed). Don’t forget, complete all pages of the application form!​

Part 1 - Applicants apply here (You can go back and complete this digital form at any time.)

Part 2 - Parent/guardian form here

-This is where your parent/guardian signs. You must print and return this document.

Part 3 - Endorsement

-This is your educator advisor's piece, which must be printed and physically returned 

All printed and signed documents to be delivered to your NCCJ Advisor or sent to Trenda Loftin via: 

Trenda Loftin (NCCJ)
820A Prospect Hill Road
Windsor, CT 06095


You are responsible for filling out, collecting and submitting all required forms!