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Sarah Nwafor

 “I attended NCCJ ANYTOWN in October of 2016. It [NCCJ ANYTOWN] honestly changed my life for the better. Before I went, I was very quiet and I didn’t talk much about anything. ANYTOWN gave me something to be passionate about and it gave me a voice. Social Justice is now something that I can talk about for hours and hours on end.” 

“A few of the other students from my school started our schools action club and I was given a leadership role. Since then we have implemented a gender-neutral bathroom, anti-bullying week, a day of silence for victims of sexual assault, and much more.”

 -Mia Dorantes 

Matt Wilson & Nate Nugent



“You’ll absolutely enjoy going to this program. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.”

-Alexandra Ambroise





Lydia Henning



“Regardless of who you are or where you come from NCCJ will change your life for the better.”

“Because of the connections I've made through attending NCCJ programs with students and staff in my school, my school had felt a lot more welcoming.”

-Amara McNeil








Shae Sau-Montalvo

Social Justice Leaders in Music

Broadway’s Seth Rudetsky Speaks with NCCJ President & CEO Dr. Andrea C. Kandel on SiriusXM

Folk Singer and Human Rights Pioneer Holly Near

Community Social Justice Leaders 

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

“As a teacher, I know the transformative power of education. The work NCCJ does in the Northeast to empower and liberate youth and adults by educating them about the power structures that marginalize many and dehumanizes us all is invaluable. Their programs are the spark that will light the fire of a new generation of change agents.”

-Chris Peck



Rev. Calvin Jerome McFadden, Sr.

Arlene Rodriguez

Russell Peotter

Ellen Weiss Freyman

Heriberto Flores 

Steven M. Mitus 

Erica A. Broman

Marjorie and Frederick Hurst

Evan C. Plotkin