“I have learned so many skills from ANYTOWN®, but the most important is self-confidence.” -NCCJ ANYTOWN Delegate

Regional ANYTOWN
DATES: July 15 – 20, 2018

Preparing youths to be the global leaders of tomorrow and today!

NCCJ ANYTOWN is a nationally recognized, award winning leadership and social justice program for youth ages 14-18. Founded in 1957, NCCJ ANYTOWN is designed to educate, liberate, and empower youth participants (delegates) to become effective, responsible leaders and community builders.

NCCJ ANYTOWN begins when a diverse group of high school students come together for a weeklong residential experience. Through interactive games, workshops, and discussions, delegates explore topics like prejudice, discrimination, and bias. Delegates create a model for an ideal community based on respect, understanding, and inclusivity, in which members not just tolerate, but celebrate each other's differences. 

It is the goal of NCCJ ANYTOWN to equip youth with the knowledge and skills to transform their home communities into places where individual differences are seen as positive tools that bring people together instead of keeping them apart.

Since the program’s inception, NCCJ ANYTOWN has empowered thousands of youth across America to create inclusive, just and prejudice-free schools and communities.

*Partnership Schools Include:

  • PVPA- Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School (South Hadley, MA)
  • Springfield High School of Commerce HS (Springfield, MA)
  • PFSJC Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School HS (Holyoke, MA)
  • Avon HS (Avon, CT)
  • PSA – Civic Leadership High School (Fairfield, CT)
  • Pathways Academy Of Technology And Design (East Hartford, CT)


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