Gender Roles Affect Everyone: New Blog Series

Aug 04, 2014

By M’Liss DeWald, NCCJ Youth Program Specialist 

Gender is a complicated word that has very real impacts in our society. Due to its complexities, we here at the NCCJ will break it down little by little, first focusing on gender roles and the affect they have on everyone. This is not to say that by understanding gender roles you understand all the intricacies of gender and its societal impacts – however it is a launching point.


A Night at the Oscars: Systems of Representation, and Their Failure for the Rest of Us

Mar 04, 2014

By Justin Kilian, NCCJ Intern

The Oscars – A pinnacle in America’s Hollywood culture. It’s a fine night! The best of the best, our living definitions of success and beauty are sculpted perfectly for the evening, hair just right, swathed in coveted designer couture, socially and cosmetically putting their best face forward. We love it. More than half the country tunes in for the Oscars every year in hopes of their favorite actor going home with the gold, usually over hors d’oeuvres and cocktail parties.