Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers Wanted

Nov 07, 2017



Dear NCCJ community,

NCCJ is calling for volunteers! 

Although our NCCJ ANYTOWN season 2017 has just closed, there are many other programs that are still in the works: NCCJ Bridges, Diversity Days, Youth Action Coalition, conferences, school support - just to name a few. And of course, we are beginning to plan for 2018 NCCJ ANYTOWNs (yes, already)! Thank you for all you’ve already given to ensure NCCJ programmatic success.

We are writing today to ask for your additional support here in the office. Please consider volunteering with us! No long-term commitment required. We will happily sign school forms documenting your volunteer hours. AND, you’ll have the opportunity to play integral part in NCCJ’s Youth Programs success.

Please fill out the included form documenting your interest and availability and/or contact Trenda or Michael directly. 


Interested? Contact Youth Programs Educators Trenda Loftin ([email protected]) or Michael Vidal ([email protected]).

Trenda & Michael 



NCCJ • 820A Prospect Hill Road • Windsor, CT •06095


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