Regional NCCJ ANYTOWN Delegate & Staff Applications Open

Regional NCCJ ANYTOWN Delegate & Staff Applications Open

Feb 01, 2018

ANYTOWN DATES: July 15 – 20, 2018

NCCJ ANYTOWN is a nationally recognized and award-winning diversity, leadership, and social justice program for youth ages 14-18. This year-long program launches it’s year with a 6-day residential experience in the beautiful town of Hebron, CT.

  • Cultivating effective, responsible leaders and community builders.
  • Addressing topics like: bias, prejudice, discrimination, and liberation.
  • Striving to equip youth with the skills and knowledge to transform communities into places where individual differences are seen as positive attributes that bring people together instead of keeping them apart.

Apply to be a delegate (for first-time NCCJ ANYTOWN attendees​)



Staff person (returning to NCCJ ANYTOWN)


Completed applications are DUE: APRIL 30, 2018

*Questions? contact Trenda Loftin [email protected] 860-683-1039


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