NCCJ ANYTOWN Alumni? We need staff for 2017!

NCCJ ANYTOWN Alumni? We need staff for 2017!

May 10, 2017


The NCCJ ANYTOWN experience changes lives. Now, you can help make it happen.

If you're an NCCJ ANYTOWN alumni in high school or college, then you can apply to be a counselor for August's Regional NCCJ ANYTOWN! Get the staff application here

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It is under the leadership of the counselors that the delegates can bond with each other, open up and allow themselves to be who they are. To make an inclusive community, the responsibility falls on all staff members to commit to giving each member of the NCCJ ANYTOWN community the best experience possible. 

Because of the experiential nature of NCCJ ANYTOWN, we expect our staff members to be peer-leaders; modeling and exhibiting the kind of behavior, attitude and characteristics that align with the goals and values of NCCJ ANYTOWN. 

As a staff member of NCCJ ANYTOWN, one of the main goals for us is to empower our delegates to become advocates for inclusion, leaders of change in their communities and citizen models that strive to respect, understand and celebrate diversity in everyone. 

We look for dynamic, caring and responsible staffs that can put their idealism and vision into action to bring about positive change in their schools and communities.