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Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: Some Ways to Meet Everyone's Needs

Wed, 05/04/2016 - 11:10am -- [email protected]
By Amanda Siskind - NCCJ Contributor


On October 24th, 2013, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed into law legislation that requires all new or renovated city-owned buildings to have gender neutral bathrooms. The number and location of these bathrooms is dependent on how the building is used. The new law does not mandate any change in the current bathrooms of any buildings unless they are legislated.

The law has not passed without controversy. The most common concerns are comfort and safety. Having gender neutral bathrooms, it is said, will make many people who are now forced to use the bathroom with people of other genders uncomfortable, and will increase verbal harassment or even physical assault (these hypothetical scenarios often place women as the victims) in these bathrooms.

Gender Series - Women and Beauty

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 12:12pm -- Caitlin Thayer

Most females have struggled with body image at one point in their lives or another. Body image is an ongoing battle that begins as early as elementary school and continues, for many, to be a life long struggle. In fact, CNN shows that 42% of 1st through 3rd grade girls want to be thinner, in this graph that has other alarming statistics.

Gender Series - Men and Sports

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 5:18pm -- Caitlin Thayer

Sports are a rite of passage for boys, the very nature of competitiveness laid out in sports lends well to the teaching of masculinity and what a “real man” is. It also distinguishes from a young age ones level of “manliness” - how ‘tough’ a boy is, if he cries when he’s hurt, how he handles pain, how psychically strong he is, how many women he’s been with, etc. These socializations happen from a young age and continue to influence how men embody gender in their everyday lives. The result is “masculinity” having a specific association with violence and aggression.

Gender Series - Women and Education

Mon, 08/25/2014 - 9:41am -- Caitlin Thayer

M·R·S de·gree emäˈres dəˌgrē/ (Noun)

1. A marriage as a result of attending a 4-year university with the soul purpose of getting married and consequently not completing college.
2. The attending of college, usually a 4-year university of moderate to high prestige, to get married to avoid independence or responsibility.

It doesn’t matter if you pass your finals, as long as your future husband is acing his.

Gender Series - Boys and Their Toys

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 1:35pm -- Caitlin Thayer

Today I was woken up to the half-chore, half-delight, of having to watch my 5-year-old cousin Jacob and his infant sister Giana. It was a beautiful day outside so I decided to spend the morning in the backyard with them. Around noon I took them in for lunch, and after Giana was set for a nap, Jacob and I looked for some toys to play with. Reaching into a bag filled with both of their toys, I pulled out a baby doll wearing a pink dress and handed it to him. He shook his head in refusal of the doll and said, “That’s not my toy, it’s Giana’s”.

Gender Roles Affect Everyone - New Blog Series

Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:08am -- Caitlin Thayer

Gender is a complicated word that has very real impacts in our society. Due to its complexities, we here at the NCCJ will break it down little by little, first focusing on gender roles and the affect they have on everyone. This is not to say that by understanding gender roles you understand all the intricacies of gender and its societal impacts – however it is a launching point.


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