Anti-Bullying Resources

Anti-Bullying Resources

Sep 07, 2017

Bullying is an ecosystem. Don’t contribute to it.

The best way to defeat the issue of bullying and the associated harm it causes is to educate, educate, and educate some more. While most of us are against bullying, not many can adequately define it or its impact. We must look at bullying directly in the eye, in all of its forms, to eradicate it. This is even more apparent in the face of acts of bullying and hate that have raised with political tensions that span the country. 

    NCCJ offers age appropriate anti-bullying programs for youth, and adults who support them, providing distinctions between bullying and teasing with substantial information and skill building components to make schools safer and more respectful environments. Specific tools and strategies are given for interrupting bullying behaviors and empowering each member of the school community to take action.

    Partnering with area schools, NCCJ brings NCCJ Bridges to middle and high school students. This is a two-day anti-bullying, prejudice reduction, and leadership development program. Young people gain a deeper understanding of how prejudice and bias affect our lives and how we, individually and collectively, can work to make our schools and communities more accepting and inclusive for all.

    NCCJ ANYTOWN is a nationally recognized and award winning yearlong program for high school students. NCCJ ANYTOWN begins with a weeklong residential experience focusing on diversity, leadership and social justice. The program equips youth with the knowledge and skills to transform their school, home and communities into places where individual differences are not just respected but are celebrated.

    NCCJ works in partnership with schools, youth and communities throughout the year to support action projects designed by youth to create positive change.

    We must ask: 

    • What is bullying? 
    • What can bullying be?
    • What’s the sociology behind bullying?
    • Why are some targeted and bullied more than others? 



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    Let the bully know by your reaction that you are not cowed and quietly walk away. Think about what you want to say and either talk to them later or wait until the next time they behave that way and then call them out on it. Bullies don’t have any real power once they realize that you won’t engage in their game. Once you have exposed them; they will fade away.  Read more at custom essay in detail.