October 2016


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Unraveling Misconceptions: What is Cultural Appropriation?

Fri, 10/28/2016 - 3:18pm -- [email protected]

What is cultural appropriation, why is it a problem, and how does it affect our students and society? How do we address it in the classroom and what are some resources to help? National Conference for Community and Justice Marketing & E-Communications Specialist Jason Papallo and Youth Programs Director M’Liss DeWald shares the answers to these questions.

Introducing NCCJ’s New Staff

Thu, 10/27/2016 - 11:47am -- [email protected]

The National Conference for Community and Justice is proud to introduce our two new staff members to our social justice education family, Michael Vidal and Orion Howard. Vidal joins us as NCCJ’s new programs educator and Howard has come aboard as our new youth intern. 

Growing up, Vidal believed that we’re all responsible for each other in some capacity. His welcoming smile and warm body language show the earnestness of that concern. 

Social Media Activism: How a Hashtag Launched a Movement

Wed, 10/26/2016 - 2:23pm -- [email protected]

THIS WEEK IN SOCIAL JUSTICE VOL. 5: Harry Belafonte’s Police Brutality PSA, 21 Typical Racial Microaggressions, Feminist Halloween Costumes

Tue, 10/25/2016 - 2:20pm -- [email protected]

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U.S. Election 2016: Speaking Up Against Hate Rhetoric

Sat, 10/01/2016 - 9:16am -- [email protected]

At an event in Iowa Wednesday night, Donald Trump asked his Christian supporters to raise their hands. He followed up by asking audience members that didn’t identify as Christian to raise their hands.